Your Options

An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult to face. We are here so you can gain information about your choices and make an informed decision.

Often the concerns we face like finances, future plans, and obstacles in our lives make us question the thought of parenting. We are here for you so you can make a decision that is right for you and your child. Care Net can help you prepare to parent and welcome a baby. We have other resources to help you as well. We can offer referrals you may need for housing, healthcare or other needs. It takes time to adjust to your courageous decision to carry your baby.  Care Net is here to help you.

Making an adoption plan is a difficult choice and may be one you never thought possible.  However, many women find that it is a solution that is good for both themselves and their baby.  At Care Net we can provide you with information on the different types of adoptions, answer your questions, and connect you with an adoption agency. Learn about your options before deciding because it’s possible for both you and your baby to have a positive future.

If you are contemplating having an abortion and have questions we are here for you.  We can provide accurate information on current abortion procedures, your risks and safety, and your rights. Being educated allows you to make an informed decision that you will be comfortable with for the long term. This is your decision and we are here to offer our support and services in a safe environment without judgment or pressure.  If you choose to have an abortion we are here to offer follow-up care.

At Care Net we do not recommend or refer for abortions.