For Men

She’s PREGNANT! Now what?

An unplanned pregnancy and the idea of fatherhood can be overwhelming. The decisions facing you and your partner are important and will affect you and those in your life forever.

Parenting? Adoption? Abortion?  These options all have their own unique consequences. At Care Net you can receive information and services specifically for men that will be helpful during this time.


  • COMMUNICATE: Be willing to listen to your partner and to honestly share how you are feeling. Talk to adults you can trust and those who will support you.
  • BE CALM: Don’t Rush. Don’t pressure her. You both need support. Regardless of the future of your relationship you are both responsible for this pregnancy.
  • BE INFORMED: Make sure you both are getting all the information regarding all of your options so you can make an informed decision.


We Can Help…
Care Net can help you work through your options. We care and will support you. Call 603-224-7477 for an appointment with one of our trained client advocates.